Dec 01

What’s up with the ellipsis?

I have a client who insists on using an ellipsis, for no apparent reason, at least once in every email she sends me.  At first I misunderstood what she was really trying to say and assumed she was impatient or implying “Um, come on… get it together!” (For example, “Hello…  I need the newsletter sent out today…”)  Now I realize it’s just her, let’s say, particular style of writing.


But perhaps we all have our own “ellipsis” of some sort.  Try to look at your email and other written correspondence with a new eye. Do you use some form of punctuation way too often? Do you capitalize constantly? Do you fail to capitalize anything? Do you use exclamation points when they are not necessary!? Do you add an extra question mark for no particular reason??

A simple tweak to your writing style could mean the difference between turning a potential business relationship off or relaying your message exactly as you intended.  Know what I mean…