Jan 16

Website: Tampa Great for New Businesses

According to website Tampa a great place for new businesses.

According to Kiplinger website Tampa is a great city for new businesses. Having started a web design and marketing firm in Tampa myself, I would have to agree. According to Kiplinger:

Local government is particularly business-friendly, promising tax credits to businesses that locate in certain areas or work in one of a number of high-demand industries… Local nonprofits, such as the Tampa Bay Innovation Center, connect entrepreneurs with mentors and organize frequent conferences and networking events. Tampa’s small-business owners also benefit from the state’s lack of personal income tax and 5.5% corporate income tax. The city is a key player in the Startup America Partnership, a national initiative that has funneled more than $730 million to new businesses in Florida and six other states.

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The article mentions wufoo.com, a website form creation company that is based in Tampa. There are countless other great businesses that have started in Tampa.  Both online ventures and brick and mortar businesses call Tampa home.  A good example is OSI Restaurant Partners, which owns Outback Steakhouse.

As a company that specializes in Tampa website design and web development, it’s great to be located in a place so conducive to start-ups. We really enjoy working with new businesses. We like helping them with web design, marketing, branding and overall marketing strategy. It’s rewarding to work with businesses that have real potential and then watch them grow and succeed over the years.

Viva Tampa Bay!