Dec 02

Stop. Add something nice. Send.

Most of us live busy lives. When we are working we are often multitasking and under pressure to complete our current projects quickly. When we communicate with clients, vendors and colleages we often type our thoughts out and hit send without giving the message a second thought. However, taking a few moments to review your message and add something cordial and/or rephrase your thoughts in a friendly manner can go a long way. Consider this sentence.

Send me the images today.

If this is all you need to say in the email, fine. But taking a few seconds to change the message to something like this might be a good idea:

John, hi there. Can you please send me the images today. Thanks!

Seems like common sense, but I’m finding it to be increasingly uncommon these days. While that’s a trend I wish wasn’t happening, it does give you the opportunity to stand out.  It just takes a few seconds.

Friendly email