Mar 01

Pick your focus: positive or negative

Posted by Mandy Minor, marketing strategist and copywriter   The other morning in the shower I happened to notice something about my shampoo and conditioner bottles that I think is significant.

While most products’ marketing messages focus on the positive, hair care product messaging focuses squarely on the negative.

Diet pills proclaim, “We will shed those pounds!” not “You’re fat, you really should take these pills.” Magazines advertise that they’ll help you get more organized, find the perfect outfit, or date like a pro – not that you’re hopeless in these departments without them.

But the hair care bottles advertise their contents for “weak, lifeless, or dull hair” and say they are “lengthening for hard-to-grow hair.”

Wouldn’t it be more customer-friendly to say something like, “Luxurious formula for the length and sheen you crave,” rather than, “Hey you with the pathetic mop, over here!”