Jun 29

Accentuate the positive

You know how people come up with solutions to problems in the shower?  Mandy comes up with questions – specifically, questions about marketing and why companies present their marketing the way they do.

And since this pontification occurs in the shower, the subject matter often revolves around personal care items – soap, body wash, shampoo and the like.

Some of her questions are plainly weird.  To whit: “Is this razor really supposed to make me feel like Venus?”

But other questions are quite good.  Like this one: “Why are hair care products marketed so negatively?”  Her query is simple.  Why, when most products and marketing messages focus on the positive, do hair car products focus on the negative?

Diet pills proclaim “We’ll shed those pounds!” not “You’re hopelessly fat, you really should take these pills.”  Yet hair care bottles advertise their contents for “weak, lifeless, or dull hair” or say they are “lengthening for hard-to-grow hair.”

Wouldn’t it be more customer-friendly to say something like “Luxurious formula for the length and sheen you crave,” rather than “Hey you with the pathetic mop, over here!”