Aug 30

To tweet or not to tweet – that is the question, right?

Posted by Mandy Minor, marketing strategist and copywriter   Everyone’s talking about Twitter, and it seems like everyone is tweeting: friends, associates, even the Weather Channel make regular tweets about topics ranging from useful to downright silly.

So what should you do?  Take a look at the pros and cons, then decide for yourself.

• It’s pretty easy; at 140 characters per tweet you really can’t put too much time into it
• It makes it easy to stay in touch with clients
• It’s good brain exercise to figure out how to say something in 140 characters or less
• It’s good exposure for you and your company
• You’ll get to hear directly from clients, giving you valuable feedback

• People can see what you’re up to, even if – and sometimes especially if – you don’t want them to
• It can be too personal if you don’t keep the focus on your business
• It can be a security breach if you tweet the wrong information
• In all likelihood you will not get clients from tweeting, but will build brand awareness

But no matter what, don’t start tweeting just because it seems as though the whole world is giving updates on whether their teeth are brushed yet.  But definitely DO secure your name and your business name.  Even if you decide Twitter isn’t a good use of your time, that doesn’t mean someone else won’t!